Consume far less Electricity Saving up to 40% energy costs.

  • 100% efficient heating –  One unit of energy consumed = one unit of energy produced!Electric Radiators
  • Immediate Comfort – From the moment you switch our radiators on, they will heat the room by a unique mix of both radiant heat and convention.
  • Freedom from old fashioned and expensive storage heaters –  We offer fully controllable heating that better matches modern lifestyles. Each radiator has its own in-built digital thermostat to enable separate room by room heating. In addition we can specify a central control unit which enables total control by smart phone or tablet!
  • Beat Energy Price Increases – Individually controllable heating means you only heat the areas you need heated when you need it resulting in huge energy savings. With energy bills only expected to increase, the financial benefits of new electric radiators will increase year on year!
  • Reduce Electricity Consumption – On average our customers can expect to reduce their electricity consumption by around 30%. The reduction in bills is even more pronounced if new electric radiators are combined with Solar PV Panels to supply free electricity during the day!


Our standard range of radiators comes with a comprehensive 10-year warranty. We also offer a quality entry level radiator and the latest German radiator technology with an extended 15-year warranty.


There is a solution to move away from costly, impractical storage heaters for every budget!