What is Biomass

We can offer not only experience, but expert guidance on all aspects of purchase, from the initial consultation, through design, heat metering, application process to commissioning your effective heating solution. We will also take care of all documentation to ensure you get accredited into the RHI scheme.

How will it benefit me?

  • Biomass is not only used to generate electricity it is also able to produce heat.
  • It cannot be depleted in the same way as fossil fuels. As long as we can continue growing plants, biomass will be available!
  • The cost of traditional fuels such as oil and gas are increasing year by year! This is not something that is expected to change anytime soon. Biomass costs are limited to maintenance and wood fuel both of which we can offer you at a steady price for as long a contract as you may like.
  • Biomass boilers qualify for RHI payments. Much like the Feed in tariff payments for the solar panels there is a payment you will receive for every KW of energy you burn.

Where can I get wood fuel?

We have two sister companies that supply Wood chip fuel to Commercial, industrial and residential customers. With a base in the Scottish Highlands at Grantown on Spey, and a branch in Irvine this ensures that we can cover a vast area for our customers, in a variety of delivery vehicles to best suit the customer including bulk tippers and walking floor lorries.